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Laughing Allegra

The Inspiring Story of a Mother's Struggle and Triumph Raising a Daughter with Learning Disabilities

Blending memoir with self-help, the remarkably honest and inspiring story about the struggle and triumph of raising a child with learning disabilities, by the Chairman Emeritus of the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

"This poignant intimate portrait opens an often-hidden world and illuminates many ways learning disabilities shape the lives of entire families."

Publishers Weekly


"Compelling…Strongly recommended."

Library Journal


"A gift for all parents…An insightful guide through the challenges and rewards of parenting."

 Tom Brokaw


"An inspiring story that any parent with a 'special child' can relate to."

Barbara Walters


“Anne Ford’s personal experience, as the mother of a child with learning disabilities, permeates every page of this compelling book. It makes for a powerful read because she shares, not only her story, but also the stories of other parents and the children they so desperately want to help. To speak out and write about the toxic stigma that those with mental health challenges face every day, and to offer solutions that have been formed by heart-wrenching experience is to actively chisel away at the stigma that can be more damaging than the illness. This book is packed with much needed information and deeply moving stories. If all mothers confronted stigma the way Anne Ford does, it would vanish overnight.”

Glenn Close


Co-Founder, Bring Change to Mind




The Stigmatized Child

"Mommy, am I Stupid?"

Helping Parents Overcome the Stigma Attached to

Learning Disabilities, ADHD,

and Lack of Social Skills
























On Their Own

Creating an Independent Future for Your Adult Child with Learning Disabilities and ADHD

With a deep understanding of the worries that are universal to mothers of children with disabilities, Anne Ford has managed to provide down-to-earth, practical advice on every area that affects a child's future and ability to live independently---school, work, social life, financial well-being."


- Sally Shaywitz, M.D., author of Overcoming Dyslexia

A Special Mother

Getting Though the Early Days of a Child's Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities and Related Disorders

"Learning Disabilities affect not just the child, but the child's family as well, often the mother most directly.  You are fortunate to be reading this valuable book, a supportive road map for the journey that lies ahead." 

- Judy Woodruff, news anchor, PBS

The Forgotten Child

"If She is Special, What am I?"

Sibling Issues: When Learning Disabilities Cause Tension in the Home

"There is help and hope -- truly good help and hope -- out there. One very good source is Anne Ford's new book, "The Forgotten Child." Honest. Poignant. This is a masterfully helpful resource -- a gift even -- for parents and families."

- Dave Lawrence, Chair, Children's Movement of Florida

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