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"If She is Special, What am I?"

Sibling Issues: When Learning Disabilities Cause Tension in the Home

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After writing three books on learning disabilities, Anne Ford traveled the country and has been asked numerous times, "How can I balance my attention between my two children, one with LD and one without? The one with the disability requires so much attention." This challenge is faced by many families. Parents need to be aware of this delicate situation (some do not believe there is a problem at all) because if it is not dealt with, it can lead to serious future difficulties, including lingering resentment and hostility. This new book, THE FORGOTTEN CHILD, is co-authored with John-Richard Thompson (who has also collaborated with Anne Ford on her three previous books) helps parents confront this important issue and guide the family onto a better, more loving course.PRAISE FOR THE FORGOTTEN CHILD:  "A Treasure for so many families"



Review by Dave Lawrence, Chairman of The Children's Movement of Florida


"We live in a country where one of every six children is a child with special needs. We live in a country where, as parents, we often do not know the special need exists...and, of course, we seemingly are "expected" to have "perfect" children (which is and could not be true, in fact, for any of us or any of our children. We live in a country where too often special needs are not noticed or detected for years, and years, and years. And we live in a country where people who are faced in their families with one special need, understandably use their energies only on that need. Were we to aggregate our collective energies on behalf of all children with special needs, we would have a mighty force working for progress.

But there is help and hope -- truly good help and hope -- out there. One very good source is Anne Ford's new book, "The Forgotten Child." Honest. Poignant. This is a masterfully helpful resource -- a gift even -- for parents and families."






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